Strange hardware issue...shaking computer fixed it!

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Strange hardware issue...shaking computer fixed it!

Сообщение JesseVoss » 25 май 2018, 15:09


Yeah ok, this is a wierd one. So I go to turn on my box today like usual. I hit the power switch. The light comes on, the fans start to spin...and then the system shuts off. This is wierd. So I hit the switch again, and it immediately powers itself on and off again in less than a second.
After about a half hour of fucking around with it, unplugging the PSU, plugging it back in, I get concerned. It seemed to be unpredictable, once it stayed on all the way until I reached the POST screen and then it shut off. Other times I could cycle the power 3 times in a second.
At this point I became concerned I had a dead or dying PSU on my hands, so I yanked all the cables and pulled the box out to put it on my big dining table, which is the bench in my apartment. I then proceeded to dig through my closet to find my old PSU, pulling out about 6 boxes of crap in the process and littering my apartment floor with computer junk.
Out of sheer exasperation, I wonder if maybe I just had a short somewhere. I knew I built the box correctly with the mobo standoffs in place, and the box has run for something like 10 months now flawlessly. So I said, well, maybe something's loose in there. So I pick up my box (it ain't a light box either, with 2 optical drives, 4 hard drives, 4 system fans, and a Scythe Ninja + 120mm fan all installed in an old-school Antec full tower steel case) and shake it back and forth a few times. I hear a metallic clattering from somewhere. Well, that's interesting. So I turn it sideways to lay it horizonally on my bench, and hunt around for any loose metal objects. Unable to find anything, I said WTF and picked it up and turned it so the open side was facing down, and shook it again. Clatter, clatter, and something metal comes flying out and lands on my floor. Huh?
It was a case screw. I must have lost one in the case a long time ago when building it originally and it just sat there, patiently, waiting for the perfect opportunity to lodge itself somewhere and cause a short in my system. So I plug the PSU back into the surge suppressor and power on, and it stays on!
Anyways, I'm typing this on my magically resurrected box. I'm just glad it wasn't a dead PSU. That's a $110 PSU I have in my box.

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